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She was fantastic explaining the process all the way and making sure I was comfortable. Excellent service. Thank you. ........... Jodie 2017

My First experience doing this. She was awesome explaining everything and talking me through it. I felt really good afterwards and will be definitely taking up the great offer to go back. ........... Anita 2017

Katrina is very approachable. I felt very comfortable throughout the process. Overall, I would recommend this to my friends and relatives. ........... Ruzzie 2016

Amazing! Comforting, supportive and full of knowledge. ........... Breanna 2016

She makes you feel safe and comfortable. ........... Kathleen 2016

My first impressions were very positive I had a lot of negative reports (about Colon Hydrotherapy) on Google. Katrina answered all my questions and allied my fears. Very professional, obviously knowledgeable and treated with respect. Hygiene levels were very high. ........... Sue 2016

Very professional, everything was explained each step. Very skilled and knowledgeable therapist, I felt like I was in the best possible care. ........... Anne 2015

My first experience at Brisbane integrative health was great. Katrina was very professional and knowledgeable. after my first visit, I left feeling cleansed and fresh. ........... Carol 2015

Katrina is a wealth of knoweldge in her field of endeavour. After a few treatments with Katrina i have heaps more energy, my head is much clearer and i am much more regular, in many ways.

I now have much more knowledge on how to look after myself and with the advice on dieting and supplements i can very quickly notice the vast difference. I was quite nervous of the colonic irrigation process beforehand but Katrina made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process and was able to correctly diagnose through looking at the stool what was going on and then recommend a course of action.

Adding her own mixtures and herbs into the process was different and more advanced to what I had heard other similar practioners offered. After each treatment I feel amazing also as i have suffered from constipation and irritable bowel syndrome for many years and i am very quickly noticing my bowel movements becoming much more regular. Katrina also has helped me not only with my gut but with my emotional state and various other areas also. I recommend her highly..................   John

Having been one of Katrina's first clients and having had only 1 colonic before I must admit I was skeptical. However, on arrival I met this lovely young lady who immediately put me at ease with her soft voice and calming mannerisms.

The confidence she has in what she does I must say rubbed off on me. So we went through the process and I had my colonic with her gentle reassurance throughout.

I would not hesitate to recommend Katrina's colonic clinic to anyone as the benefits I felt afterwards were amazing. Not only is she good at administering colonic therapy but she has a holistic approach to your overall health which makes it an uplifting experience. Her genuine interest in your wellbeing leaves you encouraged to introduce other positive steps into your day to day life........... Julie

I had an operation on my right wrist so I was told that having a colonic before and after the operation would help me cope with all the toxin build up in my system. So I went ahead with doing the colonics, having one before and one after the operation. The one before did not empty my bowl out complete but I didn't have time for a second as the operation was the next morning.
After the operation. The day I was released from hospital I went and had another colonic and as I was having it as the top part of my bowel was cleaned I could feel the pressure release from my wrist and arm Katrina said that would be the toxins releasing. I should have had more follow up but had to fly back to Mackay. So I have more colonic each time I return to Brisbane........... Bruce