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DNA Testing

DNA Testing available.


DNA is the carrier of genetic information about a certain individual, such as; the manifestation of a disease or disorder that has been passed on from family members of the individual.  DNA is made up of four chemicals that are arranged into pairs.  There are 130 million to a chromosome, with 46 chromosomes in each cell, giving a total length of 2 metres of DNA per cell.  
 Brisbane Integrative Health is currently testing four different DNA Insights. 
• Health Conditions DNA Insight
• Cardiac Health DNA Insight 
• Pregnancy Planning DNA Insight (Carrier Status)
• Healthy Weight DNA Insight
DNA testing is encouraged for those who need to know or satisfy their curiosity about their genetic make-up and different illnesses/diseases they might be more prone to, their carrier status for certain genes they could pass along to their children and if adopted or simply curious about their own ancestry. 
For those who wish to know more information about a DNA Insight test listed above please email Katrina – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.