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Detoxing rids the body of toxins and accumulated harmful substances that cause health problems both short and long term.  Katrina acknowledges that it’s hard to avoid foods and environmental factors that build up toxins in your body.  Detection requires specialised individual testing.  The test is catered for differing lifestyles such as;
• Mechanics
• Teachers
• Gardeners
• Post cancer patients
• Fly in/fly out work
• Miners
• And those who have previously had amalgam fillings and have not been through the detoxification process.  

Everyday objects that unknowingly harm you.
• Flavour enhances
• Food colouring
• Pesticides
• Preservatives
• Paint
• Plastics
• Carpet fumes
• Air conditioning for long periods of time
• Radiation from regular aeroplane travel
• Radiation from CT scans
• Daily use of microwaves
• Daily use of computers
• Mobile phones
• TV