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About Us

This is a multimodality clinic offering nutritional advice for many ailments with the use of colon hydrotherapy, food therapy, energetic medicine, Neuro-linguistic programming, ear candling, and gastrointestinal lymphatic drainage.
We are passionate about the health and wellbeing of our clients focussing on the digestive system.
Katrina Drew first found her love and passion for food at a young age, this led her to pursue a chef’s apprenticeship; with apprentice of the year and many other accolades, in both London and Australia for her work.  Not being content to rest on her achievements, her passion led her to work with the most experienced chefs of their time from London, France, Belgium and Australia.
Whilst in London, her love for food and people led her to study naturopathy at the College of Naturopathy and saw her through to the completion of her Bachelor degree of Nutrition with Endeavour College of Natural Health (formerly Australian Collage of Natural Medicine) in Australia.  Throughout her earlier years of learning, she realised the importance of digestive health and how it is the start of every ailment and disease. Her philosophy of disease always starts with the digestive system; this led to further study about bowel health and becoming a colon hydrotherapist.  Katrina is able to work with your body from your digestive system, what you put into your body and what you want to achieve out of it.
Katrina recently undertook post-graduate study in the UK mid-2012, furthering her knowledge in the latest international advancements in treatments for bowel health, focussing on IBS and constipation. Katrina is continuously updating her knowledge with further study, both locally and internationally, in her quest to bring to her clients the best possible outcome for their health.